My name is Jamie Bradshaw, and I’m a Project Manager.

I have experience in different areas of web development that have shaped my skills and have given me a better perspective of the digital medium.

Working in project management, I have learned essential qualities through content gathering, resource management, and prioritization. While collaborating with the creative department, I have gained insight into the essential elements of good design, good user experience, and how they apply to the goal of a project.

In client services I have helped hundreds of people with every type of issue and handled it with professionalism and ease. I have trained new employees and have become respected as the “go-to-guy” for questions and advice. I have trekked through technical issues, brainstormed in marketing, and created new processes and protocols that have helped increase efficiency and accuracy.

My digital talents are partnered with my creative side; I have been a lifelong art addict, wanderluster, story craver, and I can’t get enough music in my life.

I live in Portland, Oregon, I run on coffee and wine, I always have a song stuck in my head, and a book in my bag.

Book Lover – Adventurer – Old Soul