Jamie Bradshaw

Digital Project Manager

A little about me…

I’m driven by curiosity; to question, to create, to understand how things work, and to learn more. As a Project Manager I lead by example, supporting team members, championing for my clients, not just understanding project and business goals, but asking why those are the goals to really understand the problem and to offer the best possible solutions.

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Project Manager: Tank or Healer?

There are days and projects where I wonder which character type a good Project Manager should emulate. In video games and gaming culture there are specific roles for each character on a team. A well-balanced team can be pretty successful because the responsibilities are split to leverage each member’s specific skills. In large agencies and…


Busy Day?

You might be wondering, as many have, “What does a Project Manager do?” If you’re asking a PM that, you might notice a moment of hesitation that crosses their face before answering, because that is a loaded question. The answer can vary dramatically across industries, markets, demographics, organizations, career experience and skill sets. To give…


Tags: Optional, but Encouraged

If you’re like me, you like things organized for efficiency. Even if you’re not like me, you still probably prefer spending less time looking for what you want online. Most people don’t think, “Gee, I love how disorganized this blog is, I could spend hours exploring and trying to find something relevant.” Blogs by nature…